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Powder making
High-strength Raymond Mill

High-strength Raymond Mill

Supply Ability: ≤15-≤25mm

Production capacity: 4-55t

Range of application: Used for the high and fine powder making of over 280 kinds of non-flammable and combustible materials whose moisture is below 6% in such industries as mine, metallurgy, chemistry and building material.


    Introduction to Raymond Mill

    The Raymond mill is designed by adopting advanced structure of similar products at home and abroad and bettering them in the industry. The Raymond mill has higher grinding efficiency and lower energy consumption, smaller floor area and investment than that of the ball mill.

    The long replacement cycle of the grinding roll and the grinding ring eliminates the shortcomings of the centrifugal crushing machine. The winnowing airflow of the machine works circularly from the draught fan, to the mill shell, cyclone separator and then back to the draught fan again. Therefore, the dust is less than that produced by the high speed centrifugal crusher, resulting in a clean operating workshop without polluting the environment.

    High-strength Raymond MillHigh-strength Raymond Mill

    Application Scope

    Hongxing Raymound mill is widely used for materials with Mohs hardness less than the magnitude of 9.3 and humidity below 6%, such as Barite, calcite, potassium feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, activated clay, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin, cement, phosphate rock, gypsum, glass, thermal insulation materials, etc. It is applied in industries like mining, chemical industry, architecture for highly fine power processing. The granularity can be adjusted from 80 to 325 meshes, some can even reach 600 meshes.

    Winnowing Process of Raymond Mill

    High-strength Raymond Mill

    High-strength Raymond Mill

    After the materials are ground, the host will inhale the wind into the cabinet inside the host for blowing powder. The powder is separated by the analyzer above the grinding chamber, with the over-thick materials being crushed again in the grinding chamber and the qualified materials getting into the cyclone collector following with the wind. After collected, the materials are discharged by the powder discharge port as finished products.

    The current returns to the draught fan from the return air duct on top of the large whirlwind collector. It forms a circular path and flows under negative pressure. The extra wind will be discharged from exhaust pipeline between the draught fan and the host to the small whirlwind collector for purification treatment.

    When working, the to-be-crushed materials are added to the machine from the feeding port on the side of the housing. Relying on the grinding roller device hanging on the the plum flower frame on the host, it revolves around the vertical axis during its self rotation. Due to the role of rotating centrifugal force, the grinding roll swings outside, tightly pressing the grinding ring, moving the materials scooped up by the shovel knife to the place between the grinding roller and grinding ring, and thus the purpose of crushing materials can be achieved.

    Technical Parameters of High-strength Raymond Mill

    High-strength97 High-strength93 High-strength92 High-strength87 High-strength76 High-strength66 High-strength62
    ≤25 ≤25 ≤25 ≤25 ≤20 ≤15 ≤15
    Size of finished 
    0.033-0.173 0.033-0.173 0.033-0.173 0.033-0.173 0.033-0.173 0.033-0.173 0.033-0.173
    Shift output of
     different material 
    4-52 3.5-40 3-36 2.8-33 1.5-25 1-20 0.6-9
    Rotate speed 
    of central 
    130 140 148 161 170 190 274
    Diameter of 
    1050 1006 973 907.5 850 725 525
    Diameter of 
    310 300 300 270 250 210 150
    Height of
    170 160 160 150 150 150 100
    Main Motor Y225S-4-37 Y250M-8-30 Y250M-8-30 Y225M-8-22 Y225S-8-18.5 Y200L-8-15 Y160M-6-7.5
    Fan Motor Y225S-4-37 Y180M-2-22 Y180M-4-22 Y180M-4-18.5 Y160L-4-15 Y160M-4-11 Y132S-4-5.5
    Analyzer Motor YCT200-4A-5.5 Y132S-6-3 Y112M-6-2.2 Y112M-6-2.2 Y112M-6-2.2 Y112M-6-2.2 Y90L-6-1.1


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