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Production Line
Ore Separating Line

Ore Separating Line

Magnetite dressing technology is mainly used for ore separating line with low taste. Because the rocks have a strong magnetism and easy to grind, most of the magnetic ore-dressing plants adopt one stage and many stages process for crushing and grinding.

    Magnetite dressing technology is mainly used for ore separating line with low taste in ore processing plant. Because the rocks have a strong magnetism and easy to grind, most of the ore processing plants adopt one stage and many stages process for crushing and grinding in ore beneficiation.

    Ore Separating Line

    Introduction to Ore Processing Plant

    Due to the mass exploitation and utilization of mineral resources, available resources are dwindling, causing lower raw ore mining taste and higher demand of the ore beneficiation in the subsequent processing, such as smelting. At the same time, the environment protection consciousness of human strengthens day by day. All the reality pushes dressing equipment in the direction of larger sizes, higher quality, higher efficiency and lower energy consumption for iron ore concentrator.

    Mineral processing equipment and mineral processing technology are of synchronous development. The technology is pilot and the equipment is basis. The birth of a new type of mining equipment often brings changes to ore beneficiation process. The technical level of mining equipment is not only the precondition of craft level but also exerts a direct impact on the process of production and application. The advancement of science and technology, the scientific infiltration between disciplines and mutual fusion among various industries, the endless emergence of new structures and new materials, new technology and new processing techniques and the wide use of electromechanical integration and automatic control technology promote innovation in the mineral processing equipment.

    Main Equipment Used in Ore Beneficiation Process

    (1) Ball mill

    The ball mill is the key equipment for further crushing after materials are crushed in ore separating line. It is one of the widely used high-fineness machines, which fall into many types, such as the energy saving ball mill, the horizontal ball mill, the ceramics ball mill, the cone ball mill, the rod mill, etc.

    (2) Dryer machine

    The dryer machine is mainly used for drying materials of certain humidity and granularity in ore separating line. The dryer is highly adaptable to materials with simple and reliable operation, so it is universally used. The dryers are divided into: the rotary dryer, the drum dryer, the industrial dryer, etc.

    (3) Rotary kiln

    The rotary kiln is used for mechanically, physically or chemically processing solid materials in Iron ore concentrator. The rotary kiln is also referred to as the rotation calcining kiln. According to different materials handled, the rotary kilns can be divided into the cement kiln, the metallurgy chemical kiln and the lime kiln. It is the best choice for iron ore concentrator.

    (4) Classifier

    The classifier can form a closed circuit with the ball mill for distributing the ores, for grading the ores and fine mud in the gravity mills, for grading slurry in the metal ore dressing procedure or for desliming and dehydrating in ore separating line.

    (5) Magnetic separator

    The magnetic separator separates materials under magnetic force and mechanical force. Mineral grains with different magnetism move along different paths, thus two or several products separated. Iron ore concentrator adopts advanced technology in ore processing plant.

    (6) Vibrating screen

    The vibrating screen in mining equipment is for screening stones. The vibrating screen, a kind of multilayer and highly efficient vibrating screen, is in a circular motion. The round vibrating screen adjusts amplitude by cylindrical eccentric shaft vibration device and partial block, making a long sieve drip line.

    (7) Concentrator table

    The concentrator table is used for grading materials with fine granularity, widely applied in separating tin, tungsten, silver, gold, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, titanium, coal, iron, etc.

    Due to the high density of hematite relative to silicates, ore separating line usually involves a combination of crushing and milling as well as heavy liquid separation. This is achieved by passing the finely crushed ore over a bath of solution containing bentonite which increases the density of the solution. When the density of the solution is properly calibrated, the hematite will sink and the silicate mineral fragments will float and can be removed.

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